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Manitou Launches New Masted Piggyback Forklift .

April 30, 2014

from 29 April to 1 May 2014, at a preview at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham (United Kingdom), the Manitou group will present the new masted truck-mounted forklift concept. 
Displaying all of the know-how that the Manitou brand has acquired in truck-mounted
forklifts over more than 20 years, the 4 new models in the TMM range represent an optimal supplement to the range to cope with all the requirements and uses of transport professionals, particularly for the markets of the United Kingdom, Germany, Benelux and France.
Manitou knows and incorporates the constraints of users in the design of its truck-mounted forklifts. The masted embedded TMM, are lighter and allow the carrier to optimize its load trailer. The election of a naturally aspirated engine participates in the optimization working time by reducing the capital of the truck. the carriage is effective immediately without waiting for his 
engine warms up enough. The attachment kit is multi what optimizes the initial investment. Because the embedded carriage spends his life outside the painting follows the steps blasting and lectrophoresis for maintaining quality over time.
TMM range available in 4 - Way. These trucks are ideally suited for handling long loads in a confined space. The positioning of the two front wheels side walk is automatically activating a single button.
4 new models are equipped with a Kubota engine:
- 4 cylinders in line
- Power 35.1 hp - 26.5 kilowatts
- € IIIA / Tier IV Interim
Kubota was chosen for its reputation, the quality of its products and periodicity reduced maintenance of its engines (500h instead of 250h ) , which reduces significantly the maintenance costs in the intensive applications framework .
4 new models feature hydrostatic transmission. allows precision and flexibility in driving but also in the movement of mast during handling operations. It enhances the adhesion of floor machines
and facilitates the movement in difficult terrain during application on soils not stabilities ( sites, cobbled streets ... ) .Better weight distribution ensures optimal stability empty .The braking , and therefore the operator safety is guaranteed thanks to the 3 braked wheels as standard.The presence of stabilizers standard increases performance carts and giving maximum height capacity, the best the market.
4 models of truck-mounted forklifts are available with 3 mast height
( lateral movement ) : 3m standard , 3.6 meters and 3.9 meters; height
Maximum particularly suitable crossing lockers trailer or
pose pallet height on site.
More Reach 
Optional 4 models have telescopic fork or a pantograph , which cumulative allow handling only one side of the truck.