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Hessle provide logistics and storage consultation and advice.

Logistics & Transport

Hessle provides effective solutions for all intralogistics applications, to ensure that all your storage, safe handling, and throughputs are met.

We are here to offer independent expertise and deliver the most efficient fit-for-purpose fleet.

Industrial Forklifts Logistics Transport

Industrial Forklifts

Our range of counterbalanced machines cover a multitude of tasks and operations across the intralogistics sector.

With capacities up to 25,000kg on the diesel models and a full line-up of Electric lift trucks to 5,000kg and LPG to 7,000kg, including full cabin, attachments and huge safety features, you can rely on our quality and choice on offer.

Warehouse Equipment Logistics Transport

Warehouse Equipment

Our comprehensive range of powered pallet trucks, pedestrian stackers, tow tugs and order pickers ensures all internal handling situations are met.

Horizontal movements and the loading of finished palletised loads, dollies and stillages in a safe, precise and efficient manner are achieved with our wide range of low lifter materials handling equipment.

We offer a vast scope of models including pedestrian walkie pallet trucks and ride-on platform units, with load capacities up to 5,000kg, and stackers with various lift heights. Ease of battery transfer enables multi shift operations on all models.

Articulated Forklifts Logistics Transport Doc

Articulated Forklifts

Our Articulated (VNA) forklift trucks offering covers a wide range of models; from compact to heavy lift and high bay capabilities.

We source from the leading manufacturers to ensure the right machine fits the application and delivers the most efficient performance throughout the storage, stacking and loading of warehouse operations.

With capabilities to lift loads up to 2500kg, and having lift heights of up to 14 metres, across our wide ranging client base which includes, food and beverages, component supply, engineered goods and FMCG.

Combilift Logistics Transport

Combilift & Multi-Directional

Hessle are a specialist for the Combilift 4 way range, which includes models available in LPG, diesel or electric, and from 2500kg to 25 tonne capacities. There is a machine for all log load handling in confined spaces where safety, visibility and productivity is paramount.

These unique machines, which are also supplied as pedestrian models for tight internal operations with huge space saving, also cut cost, therefore saving you money on unnecessary additional storage facilities.

Our clients within the logistics and transport sector who are benefitting from this solution include furniture distribution, upvc profile supply, steel section storage and transportation, plastic extrusion and auto salvage storage and handling.

Sideloaders Logistics Transport


Our distributorship with Baumann, the world’s leading manufacturer of sideloaders, affords our clients the benefit of a huge choice of machines, built to the highest standards for arduous applications in Logistics facilities when high intensity usage is a key factor.

With a capacity range of 3 to 50 tonnes, we have no doubt that many handling and storage challenges involving heavy, awkward and lengthy loads are well taken care of.

Diesel, Electric, LPG and Hybrid fuel options are available across most size machines. We offer special build versions for bespoke handling and factory supplied features; such as on board cameras, load stabilisers, elevated cabins, spreader beams and auto lube systems.

Truck Mounted Forklifts Logistics Transport

Truck Mounted Forklifts

With our Manitou TMM (Mast) and TMT (Telescopic) version trucks mounted “piggy back” forklifts, your loading, unloading and safe handling can follow your transportation service wherever you travel.

With the range of flexible handling options and models available, these versatile machines have revolutionised the way loads can be handled in conjunction with your HGV vehicles arriving to deliver on location UK-wide.

With 4-way travel available, even long loads such as pipes, steel section and upvc extrusions can be safely unloaded and transferred through gates, gangways and traverse into warehouse areas through doorways.